A large percentage of electrical energy is utilized in running motors in industries. A wide variety of motors are used depending upon the application.Star Delta Starters are used with squirrel cage induction motors to reduce the starting current. They operate the motor in star mode at start and after the set time delay, it switches over to Delta mode and continuous to run in delta irrespective of whether the load is low or high. when a motor is running at less than half of rated output, (i.e 50% of full load current)it is  possible to SAVE THE ENERGY by re-connected to star. As such when a motors is re-connected to star from delta it is possible to save energy, and ALSO IMPROVE POWER FACTOR OF A MOTOR .

AUTO DELTA STAR energy saver is a Electronic Unit .it comes along with current transformer. The current transformer is to designed and match the each capacity of full load current. The current transformer (sensing line current) is below 50% of full load current AUTODELTA STAR energy saver unit motor is to operate in star mode and till the line current rises to 48% of full load . when the sensing current reaches set current of 48% (i.e line current of Full Load) AUTODELTA STAR energy saver unit to operate ,the motor in delta. If the sensing current is above set level continually motor operate in delta. There is a fixed time delay of Change over is from delta and there is no time delay of star to delta . the change over from delta to star and star to delta is automatic.


1. Reduction in line current,
2. Energy Saving (Reduction in KW and KWH),
3. Reduction in KVA, contributing to reduction in maximum demand,
4. Improvement in Power Factor,
5. Running over load current overload protection and
6. Reduces the motor temperature runs in star period and cooler leading to increase in motor life.


Potential free contacts,
Run in delta if Current transformer is open,
Overload trip indication and automatically reset,
Fuse protection,
Bypass facility.

Percentage of Energy saving & pay back period : 20 to 30% of saving in some cases it may higher Pay back is within 8 to 10 months.

Box encloser IP66

Type of load :
Auto delta star energy saver is suitable of constant or variable load If exiting in DOL STARTER MECHANISHM we supply the panel star delta startor built with auto delta star energy saver, motor starts in delta and after set time delay based on the load motor operates either star or delta.

There is a possibility to save energy motor capacity running load measured line current is below (amps) for ex list given below..


10 H.P
15 H.P
20 H.P
30 H.P
Scope Of Measured Line Current in amps

40 H.P
50 H.P
60 H.P
75 H.P
100 H.P
Scope Of Measured Line Current in amps


Air Compressor , Lathe NH26 ,Belt conveyor, Carding , Air handling unit, Blower Milling , Vibrating screen & etc