In large scale industries, three phase voltage is maintained at 415 Volts as per required. The specification of each lamp is 220 volts A.C and corresponding watt design, In Industries For light voltage across phase and Neutral will be 239 Volts. So they are feeding above designed lamp voltages, however lot of energy is wasted as the corresponding benefit in terms of illumination is not obtained. Life of the lamps also gets reduced. This can be used to reduce the voltage applied to the lamps 200 Volts TO SAVE ENERGY AND EXTEND LIFE OF THE LAMPS.


The ENERGY SAVING LAMP CONTROLLER works by delaying the trigger pulse to some point in the half cycle of the ac wave. This trigger point, from 0 to 180 degrees, is referred to as the phase angle .The SCR will turn on when Triggered, and remain on for the rest of the half cycle. Increasing the control Fireing will cause the trigger pulse to occur earlier in the half cycle, thus delivering a greater portion of the wave to the load. (Note: Some RFI can be generated from the unit). We maintain the output supply voltage constant (200 volts A.C)by varying the SCR firing angel automatically.


These are suitable for fluorescent and other types of lamps including incandescent, cfl ,mercury vapor, sodium vapor, metal halide and quartz.and more.

Percentage of saving:

The device enables the user to adjust level of savings up to 20%. The first 10% saving can be realized without any perceptible drop in illumination level.


Capacities available: single phase 1 KVA and 2 KVA.

Manual Control Adjustment :

Voltage control adjustment by variable potentiometer.

Energy Saving data:

Type Of LampNo Of LampsSupply VoltageLoad CurrentPower Consumed WattsOutput VoltageLoad CurrentPower Consumed Watts
Sodium vapor (250 watts) 5 227 Volts A.C 4.2A(w / o unit) 943 202 Volts A.C 2.8A(with unit) 559
Metal halide (250 watts) 1 237 Volts A.C 1.3A(w / o unit) 247 202 Volts A.C 1.1A(with unit) 206